A Conversation Design Studio

Xandra [ZAN-drah]
1. Defender of humankind.

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Our Team


We believe that technology should be conversational, engaging, and creatively designed to better serve humanity. In order to bring joy to the use of everyday services, the line between art and technology must be blurred.

Headquartered in Brooklyn with a team in San Francisco, Xandra has worked with some of the world’s largest entertainment brands including, AT&T, Nickelodeon, Amazon, Sesame Workshop, and HBO.


Danielle Frimer

Head of Conversation Design

Zach Johnson

Founder & CEO


Kevin Dusablon

Head of Audio Experience Design

Kate Berman

Conversation Designer


Ryann Brewer

Head of Strategic Planning & Operations

Kat Zdan

Conversation Designer


Our Values


 We're hiring.


We want to hear from creative technologists, geeky writers, outlandish sound designers, and data scientists who think like poets to help us bring more humanity to technology.