New Tres Agaves campaign brings brand characters to life through conversational Facebook Messenger chatbots

Image: BSSP

Image: BSSP

The wonderful, interesting people from the magical Tequila Valley in Mexico where Tres Agaves is made have been brought to life in a digital effort by Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners (BSSP) and Xandra, to showcase their personalities in a series of Facebook Messenger chatbots.

The campaign brings to life the ‘Tequila made in Tequila’ initiative which tells stories of the people that make Tequila such an interesting place.

The Facebook Messenger chatbots were developed by conversation design agency Xandra in partnership with BSSP. Building on the characters and storylines already established in Tres Agaves ads developed by BSSP - the bots bring these personalities to life through conversation.

Consumers can talk to Maria - Queen of Tequila, or Carlos the Volcano Climber, or Jorge the Jimador who share their unique personalities and experiences living in the Tequila Valley.

The characters can be reached on their Facebook pages, where through conversation, they invite users to enter a sweepstakes to win a trip to the Tequila Valley in Mexico. The sweepstakes provides the opportunity for a consumer to travel to the Tequila Valley and see where Tres Agaves is made.

Feeling spicy? Talk to Maria Rosario. 

Need some wisdom? Chat with Jorge Romero. 

Or talk to Carlos Medina. He's an old soul.