Work: Maroochydore Bright City Bot

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The Bright City Guide Bot
Maroochydore Smart City
Talk to the Bright City Guide Bot:

Inform and educate the public on the project vision and timelines using Facebook Messenger.

The Bright City Guide Bot is the world's first Facebook Messenger chatbot for a city. An interactive tour guide that allows residents, businesses, and visitors to engage with the city and stay up to date with project timelines and opportunities. The chatbot persona is of a 20-year old professional, who is an active member of the future city.

"The talented personnel at Xandra developed a chat bot for our new city centre project (Maroochydore - the bright city). A world first for a city centre it seems! The enthusiasm and innovation that Xandra brought to the exercise was outstanding and the bot continues to grow. I look forward to seeing further success by Xandra."

- John Knaggs, CEO SunCentral Maroochydore