Work: Myriad Alexa Skill


Sunshine Coast Council, for Myriad 2017.
In partnership with Mic's Lab

We teamed up with the talented Mic's Lab, to create an Amazon Alexa based concierge as part of the Sunshine Coast Council's exhibit at start-up conference Myriad 2017. Myriad attendees were asked a series of fun, engaging questions by Alexa to find out "What kind of dot connector are you?". 'Connecting the dot connectors' was Myriad's 2017 theme, and our skill allowed participants to categorise their place within the entrepreneurial community. 

Thanks to Mic's Lab we had a visual representation of the 'dot connectors' on a tablet - allowing us to integrate a voice driven experience with a visual component. 

The concierge acted as a showcase for Smart Home technology as a part of a larger marketing push concerned with the Sunshine Coast & Smart Cities.