Conversation Design Studio

In conversational interfaces — personality improves the user experience.

Xandra makes interacting with technology conversational.

We design character and narrative-driven interactions combined with artificial intelligence. Our conversational experiences are deployed at scale on voice-first platforms like Amazon Echo, Google Home, SoftBank Robotics Pepper, and other emerging platforms.  


Persona Design.


Conversational interaction creates closer, longer-lasting relationships. A conversation is the fundamental mode of exchanging information and knowledge between two or more participants—including computers and machines.
We design hybrid conversions that combine scripted dialog and custom audio with artificial intelligence. Our approach improves the way humans interact with technology by putting people first and balancing creative writing with user-outcomes.

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Conversation Design.


Conversation is the new frontier of interaction design. By uniting creative writers with artificial intelligence, we create conversations with character that are fluid, responsive, and purposeful. We design interactive dialog that is deliberate and accessible.


Audio Experience Design.


Sound is the centerpiece of vocal conversational interaction. By thoughtfully crafting a holistic audio experience we are able to engage users and direct their focus with a high level of control. Our audio experiences leverage strong voice performances supported by rich sound effects and music to set tone and atmosphere and to tell great stories. As users get to know characters better through conversation, sound provides a unique opportunity to convey style and emotion like never before.

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Conversation Consulting.


With capabilities spanning multiple platforms and global experience designing for emerging technologies, we help public and private organizations develop conversational strategies, select appropriate channels, and define success metrics and analytics to track success.


"The revolution in voice interfaces that we deserve will do more than answer about the weather and help us turn our lights on. Real conversation is an on-going relationship, an exploration of choices, and a collaboration about new possibilities. The team at Xandra excel at crafting narrative experiences and are willing to push technology to build context and trust between users and voice interfaces. Xandra brings art and craft to the emerging world of conversational interaction"

Paul Pangaro, Ph.D., 
Chair, Masters Program in Interaction Design
College for Creative Studies

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